A new procedure called Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy now gives patients an excellent alternative to the more invasive surgery when fascia inflammation does not respond to non surgical treatments such as orthotics, NSAID’S, physical therapy, injections etc.

Using this new technique, a tiny incision is made through which the endoscope is inserted into the heel area. The fiber-optic instrument transmits the image to a television monitor mounted in the surgical area. This allows an excellent view of the plantar fascia. An endoscope is used to cut away a small part of the plantar fascial tissue and to relieve pressure and tension. Tissue usually grows back into the gap that was left from the incision and results in reduced tension and relief from pain.



There are many advantages for the patient.

This endoscopic procedure is usually done under a local anesthesia on an out patient basis , it takes less time to perform than the more invasive techniques. Patients typically wear a CAM walker boot for 3-4 weeks after surgery. Minimal pain medication is needed after surgery